Band saw running-in

  • 21-3-2016
  • Band saw running-in

What is "Band saw blade running-in/break-in"?

New band saw blade has extremely sharp cutting edge. Because of the forces generated during the sawing process, it is necessary to create an optimal cutting edge rounding. This process is called "running-in of band saw blades"

Why is "running-in" important?

Properly ran-in band saw blade has a significantly longer lifetime expectancy (up to tens of percent) and overall better cutting performance (surface roughness, the straightness of the cut, chip, ...). Cutting full speed without running-in can lead to brittle fracture along the cutting edge and thus a deterioration of cutting properties.

How to run-in?

  1. Choose from the table Selection of cutting speeds appropriate speed according to the material to be cut
  2. Reduce feed rate to 50% of the recommended value. For soft materials, the rounding takes longer (approx. 300 cm2 cutting area). For harder materials Perform initial run at least 15 minutes.
  3. Over time increase the speed up to 100% of the recommended cutting values.


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