What is the correct tooth pitch of band saw blade?

You can find the recommended tooth pitch in our catalogue or here on the website.

What does bimetal bandsaw blade means?

You can find all informations about the materials and technical details here on our web.

What tension is recommended for bimetal bandsaw blades?

PILANA bandsaw blades are designed to work best with these tensions:

Band width [mm] Tension [MPa]
6-27 177-245
34-80 214-286 

Are there any specific safety instructions for bandsaw blade manipulation?

Welded PILANA band saw blade loops are delivered under tension packing. Be careful with unpacking and installing the band into the machine. Always follow safety instructions of band saw machine manufacturer. Use the protective equipment such as safety glasses, safety boots and work gloves.

Do you deliver to...?

Yes we do deliver to our customers all around the globe. Please contact our sales team for individual offer to your needs

Do you offer all purpose band saw band? 

If you need to have such a band we recommend our UNIVERSAL band saw blade. But keep in mind that all-around use of band saw blade is tricky. You can use one band for several applications but the result will not be always 100% perfect. 



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