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Band saw blades

Pilana Metal s.r.o. is a company with over 80 years tradition, which is dealing with the production of technology for metal cutting. We produce bi-metal band saw blades, hand hacksaw blades, power hacksaw blades, sabre hacksaw blades, circular saw blades and saw machines for cutting metal materials. All the above mentioned range of products can be found on this website.

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Saw machines

The band saw for metal is used for efficient cutting of metal material. In our product range of band saws for metal you can find gravitational, semi-automatic and automatic band saws, where every customer can choose the most ideal product for cutting material.


Band saw blades

Band saw blade for metal is used as a cutting tool for band saws. The cut quality, cut precision and cost it is between power hacksaw blades and circular saw blades. With its productivity it is approaching the circular saw blades and far exceeds the power hacksaw blades. Its great advantage is its cutting range, where it is possible to cut from the smallest dimensions to the large blocks of material.


Hand hacksaw blades

Saw blades are divided into hand hacksaw blades and power hacksaw blades. The saw blade is used as a cutting tool for hand saws. Pilana Metal produces several types of hand hacksaw blades, which are divided according to the material they are produced of, such as Carbon, HSS or Bi-metal hacksaw blades. Power hacksaw blades are used as cutting tool into machine frame saws.


Circular saw blades

The circular saw blade is used for efficient cutting of materials, where the biggest advantage is the cutting speed and surface quality after the cut. Its main disadvantage is the price and the price of the machine, where these saws are used.

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