Proper use instruction

  1. It is necessary to take care of the band saw blades as of every other working tools. Especially to be checked:
    - cracks
    - ramming of back of the band
    - twisting and blunting of teeth
  2. Keep the band saw in good technical shape. Especially to be checked:
    - if the tension clamp and tension mechanics function well
    - if the hydraulics pressure is satisfactory, quantity of lubrication and parallelity of impellers.
    In opposite case it is necessary to realize a exchange and setting.
  3. The band saw blade put on clean, chip cleaned impellers, slip the band between guide wheels, tighten it correctly and set the rotating brush for chips removal from the teeth gap.
  4. Workpieces have to be tightened in the clamp in that manner that there will be most possible teeth in the cut (at least 4, 30 the most).
  5. When cutting in bundels, every piece has to be clamped tight.
  6. Before cutting find out the hardness of material - burn off hard places.
  7. Before cutting casts remove sand with steel brush, because this sand causes very fast wear down of band saw blade.
  8. Before initiation of cutting, there  shall be minimal spread between tooth tips and material to be cut – 10 mm and then set minimal cutting rate.
  9. After initiation of the machine cutting rate gradually increase. Do not use too high or too low small cutting rate.
  10. Abide fluent flow of the lubrication into the cutting area.
  11. After cut off two or three pieces perform final tightening of the band saw blade.
  12. After certain perion check cutting times abd if it is above avarage, change the band saw blade for new one.
  13. Never begin to cut in old cut with new blade. It is necessary to turn the material and start to cut again.

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