Basic info


Bimetal strip offers best price/performance ratio, therefore it is the most common material for band saw blade. Bimetal strip is made from 2 metals, the tooth tips are made form High Speed Steel (HSS) which is welded to the body made form spring steel. After the heat treatment are the tips hard and the body is still flexible. This combination of materials provide unique mechanical properties - wear resistance but still high flexibility and cyclic bending resistance. 


C Cr Mo V W Co
1,09 3,90 9,40 1,20 1,50 8,00


C Cr Mo V W Co
1,26 4,00 3,60 3,20 9,30 10,00


Advantages of bimetal band saw blades


The base body of band saw blade is made of highly alloyed spring steel. High flexibility is essential for long time expectancy and best performance.  

Hardness and wear resistance

Tooth tips made of HSS grade M42 or M51 with hardness up to 69 HRC guaranties excellent performance even in high demanding aplication. 

Best combination 

This unique combination of hard cutting edge and flexible body offers great mechanical properties. 

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