Band saw blade welding

Band saw blade welding
  • 29-2-2016
  • Band saw blade welding

All band saw blade used in band saw machines must be welded. The weld as well as the entire band is stressed by bending so there is great demand to quality of the weld.


The beat technology for band saw blade welding is flash-butt welding.

You can weld with or without preheating. Because band saw blades have a small cross-section, therefore they can be welded without preheating. After welding the band forms a closed loop, the power is just a short journey through the welded place, but part of it also goes a long way over the length of the closed parts. Therefore, power should be about one-third higher than would correspond to a given cross-section. In the first phase welded part smoothly to come closer together, thereby constantly maintaining the arc. 

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