Metal cutting

Metal cutting
  • 12-2-2016
  • Metal cutting

Material cutting has always been a very important step in the production. The manufacturing process begins by cutting raw material for further machining, forming and welding. For castings and forgings is used to remove the sprue, gating systems, etc.. Sawing greatly affects the production costs and therefore sawing technology has undergone a great development.

Overview metal cutting methods:

  • sawing
    • circular saws
    • saw blades
    • bandsaw blades
  • unconventional methods
    • EDM 
    • electrochemical division
    • plasma cutting
    • laser cutting
    • high pressure water jet
  • thermal separation
    • oxygen
    • arc

Although there are more productive and more precise cutting technology material than the band saw blades, this method is often used because it allows to cut workpieces of large dimensions or volumes profiles that other methods do not.

Feed is the linear movement of the band. For vertical saws the feed is done by workpiece. At the same time more teeth are sawing, depending on the diameter of the workpiece from two teeth to ten or more. Band saw blade takes the form of an endless loop. Band saw consists of two discs, around which the band saw blade is wound, and which moves the belt.

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